Microsoft Forms Pro for anonymous users

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In the response section of MS Forms, i get anonymous for people filling surveys outside my organization.

1. I need to record their names when they revert back or atleast their email Ids.

2. I need to restrict it to a single response per person


How can i do this with MS forms, while collecting feedback from people outside my organization.

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@rahul121178 1) You'll need a question asking what their email address is. 2) That's not possible as Forms has no way of knowing a) who they are and b) if they have previously submitted a response.


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@rahul121178 This is an important feature in my opinion and easily done if enough people ask for it. A cookie could be added that identifies the user as having completed the Form, and although not foolproof it could work for the majority of instances.


I mostly want to  use Forms as a survey tool for customers instead of paying for another subscription to another external tool. Google offers this feature on their "copy" of MS Forms so why not add it in?


This tool is a useless Office 365 for most small businesses that need to connect with their customers as having an anonymised survey response does not allow strengthening of the customer relationships.