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I've been asked to create a smart form which is to be used by several hundred people, to notify changes of circumstances.

I have created it and the flow of questions and answers seems good, as we want it, however there are 2 major problems.

We want is:

  1. when the person submits it for it to send to a specific e mail address ( not mine as the creator) and
  2. attach a pdf file of just the info submitted, ideally as an attachment, or at a push, a link to a pdf with just the info submitted.

It seems to just e mail back to me, ( not another one) with a link to an excel spreadsheet with hundreds of columns ( reflecting the amount of scenarios I have created) with info they have submitted, and not relevant ones left blank.

Is there anyway of doing what we want above? Or was it not designed that way? If it wasnt is there a similar programme that will?

Many thanks in advance


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