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We've been using a form for faculty to submit exam information for going on 3 semesters. In the spring and summer, it worked just fine - if faculty had multiple courses to enter, they could enter multiple times.


As of this morning, however, the form we are using for this semester will not accept new entries - a faculty member who had already submitted for earlier this semester needs to add a new entry, and the form only shows his previous entry, and won't let him add a new one.  I also have the same problem - I entered data for another faculty member last week, and now that's all that I can see - I can't get a "blank" version of the form. 

We had another faculty member who had NOT yet entered data be able to do it without a problem, but apparently anyone who has entered data already cannot - which was not true prior to last week (at a minimum).  I initially thought this had to do with cookies or a cached version of the form, but clearing browser data does not fix the problem. 


Any ideas?

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Hi @Sue McCrory


Check the form settings to see if it is set to One response per person. Untick it if it is and it should allow multiple submissions.


Click onto the ... and click onto Settings.





Hopefully that is your solution. Best wishes with your form!



Unfortunately, that’s not it. It has been accepting multiple entries from faculty until last week, and nothing in settings has changed. The only difference is that I used the form myself to enter data for a faculty member, twice, and ever since then only new entries from faculty who have never used it before can be submitted. 



Hi @Sue McCrory


I am unsure of why you are experiecing this issue.


My suggestion is that since it's a show stopper, to log a ticket with Microsoft Support and see if they can assist?


Could be an issue that they can help to resolve or explain better.


Hoping you do find the answer to your problem.


All the best!