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As a user creates more and more forms it gets increasingly difficult to find a specific form. Allowing users to create folders to organize their forms would help with this.

Also, currently there is no way users to share quizzes with each other. For instance, Math teacher 1 made a quiz that Math teacher 2 also want to use with their classes. But the quiz is 50 questioning and takes time to input the questions. Sharing a quiz for other people to use as their quiz would be great.
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Hi Kristofer,


I'll share your message with my peer who works on portal page improvement.

"Sharing" is one of the key features we are working on.





I keep seeing "one of the key features we are working on." when users request things like sharing and organization of forms. Can you share with us a timeframe or target date? Some of us in education are almost halfway through the school-year and we'd like to see these implimented soon!


Hi Kurt,


Thanks for your patient.

"Sharing" is our top feature, and we are working hard as we know it is the feature lots of customers are asking. However, we cannot promise any date for it here.


"Folder" is still in backlog and collecting feedback.




Any progress?  This is so necessary for forms!