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Recently I've been working on creating a form that requires the person filling it to submit some documents. 
I was hoping the folder that is created for these files stored the documents in folders depending on the person who responded the form.


Person 1 (folder): contains the files person 1 uploaded

Person 2 (folder): contains the files person 2 uploaded


and so on, however, what One drive does is that it creates one single folder and stores here all the files from all the responders; making it impossible to know who uploaded what if they did not identified the file as theirs. 


I also tried maing it just 1 file upload question and in that question ask for all the docuents needed, but I got the same result. 


I need this beacause I'll have about 4000 responders. 


Does anyone know if organizing these files  from the moment they  fill the form is possible?


I´d really appreciate any help. 

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@CamiloG in OneDrive it appends the name of the user who upoaded the file to the filename so you do know who uploaded it.




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Muchas gracias Rob!!