Copying Forms

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Is anyone else having issues copying entire forms recently? I had the issue starting last week and posted about it over in the main Office 365 forum. ( 

I had the same issue yesterday and now again this morning, but it worked last night. I am trying it on different devices and different places to try and recreate or pinpoint the issue. Service seems to be intermittenet maybe because Microsoft is working on it, but now that Forms is out of beta I would hope it works constantly.


Feel free to chime in if you are having issues or if you could try to copy one of your forms and let me know if it works. 


There are many features I'd like to see added, but I the biggest need right now is the ability to copy forms I have set up as templates.

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Hi Kurt, can you share the screenshot / session id of error your are facing with us?


I may have found the glitch that is causing the problem. It won't allow me to copy a form unless I open it first. On the main forms page, clicking the menu icon in the upper-right hand corner of a form gives the copy option. This was resulting in an error and session-id code. If I click on the form to open it, then go back and try to copy the form it works just fine. I can even copy forms that already had responses.