Can I prevent form templates to be easily copied to users' own drive?

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My company Ditox is about facilitating hybrid working with all kinds of services, from building a vision and plan to generating operational hybrid working policies for teams. Regarding the latter we're building an app offering building blocks to decide on such policy. These building blocks exist of selectable, example visions, goals, general manners, work agreements et cetera. Click and collect to form your own policy is the general idea.  


We've already seen that through Microsoft Forms we can nicely integrate our templates within a Microsoft teams app. We'd like to offer clients of us the option to create their own forms instead of our template. We can then guide them to our form presented and offer them edit options (within Forms). They can then generate a new url and embed that one for their users (employees) to see and work with. HOWEVER, what we don't like is that this way all of our building blocks templates can be easily copied for those who'd like to build something similar. Would it be somehow possible to prevent this from happening without limiting editing options for our clients? 


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@Bob_Lei if you give users editing rights to a form then they also have access to duplicate that form for their own purposes. There is no permission level currently in Forms that prevents this.


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