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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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multiple Primary refresh token

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On windows 10  Azure-AD joined device,  we know that when we sign into the device, a PRT is obtained.

This PRT is used by web and non-web applications through  WAM


If I want to settle one more PRT  in the same windows session , is it possible ?

If yes,  can you explain how that flow would be to obtain the 2nd PRT  for for my another account in AAD in the device ?




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@testuser7 Hi, not sure what you're after. But have you had a look at the docs? Primary Refresh Token (PRT) and Azure AD - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

Thanks Christian. @ChristianBergstrom  for your response.


At the same time,  I do not know where did I confuse you.  I have gone through the link several times.

My ask is as simple as this.

You hit  ctrl+alt+del   on  AAD-join windows box and sign in with your  AAD account UPN

Cloud-AP   will authenticate you and get you the PRT  with communicating with Azure-AD

Now you are in the windows 10  box.


You have one more account in AAD

You want to use this account while accessing any AAD protected service which is under device-based conditional policy.

As a result,  you need to have a PRT  of this new account.


How do I get the PRT  for this new  account ?










@testuser7 Hello, well that's a much better description I don't know the answer to. Perhaps @VasilMichev or @Thijs Lecomte does?

As far as I know (but I am no expert in this) there is no way to have multiple PRT's on a single device

Thanks @Thijs Lecomte  for your response.


Is there anybody who can confirm  if more than PRTs can stay in the same windows 10 session. ?

I personally think it should be possible, though.