Source Microsoft Account with issues to see my organization content

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I have an Azure AD, I have invited external people to my organization, a few days ago I invited a new guest but he had not been able to see the embedded Power BI reports that I have in the SharePoint online. I discover that the unique difference that this user has in comparison with the rest is that in the AD the source says Microsoft Account whereas the other says External Azure Active Directory. I guess that this user had other Microsoft services and he logged in with his password instead of creating a new password as other did, and my AD cannot validate him, but this is just an assumption.


Am I correct? How can I correct this issue? 

Thank you. 

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External Azure Active Directory: This user is homed in an external organization and authenticates by using an Azure AD account that belongs to the other organization. This type of sign-in corresponds to State 1.


Microsoft account: This user is homed in a Microsoft account and authenticates by using a Microsoft account. This type of sign-in corresponds to State 2.


Make sure you understand how PowerBI handles sharing.

@JanBakkerOrphaned I alson have this case and a external user can´t acessa anything on my org. What´s the difference of State 1 and 2?

The user Teams app doesnt show my org to list my teams that he bolongs to.

Can you hepl me?


Hi, i'm facing the same issue here.

A newly invited user complaints that he can't access our powerbi home page. After a research I finally found that the only difference between other users and him is the source=Microsoft Account while the other users says "External Azure Active Directory".

Has anybody fixed it?