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Hi friends,


I have a query relating to Azure AD join. Would be great if someone can help answering it. Below is the scenario.





On Premise AD :   ABC.COM

Office 365 Tenant :  ABC.COM

ADFS,  for SSO and AAD connect for syncing Ids to O365.

Exchange Online, SfB online , ODfB , SP online consumed from O365.



Customer wants to  become a fully cloud identity

and they want to branch away from the  existing AD and O365 tenant due to  support and political reasons.





What we are proposing as one of the options to branch out is as follows.


1) Migrate from ABC.COM O365 tenant  new O365 tenant (XYZ.COM) using 3rd Party tools.

2) with the migration users will have new cloud  identities in XYZ.COM O365 tenant to access       exchange Online, SfB Online etc. The users will use the new UN and PW to when prompted for the same.

3) Stay in the same on Premise AD (ABC.COM) temporarily.continue to Access on premise applications by logging on to the ABC.COM AD domain.  

4) Perform application discovery and plan for Migration to XYZ.COM .

5) Make the pilot Win10 machines do a Azure AD domian join to  XYZ.COM AAD. 

6) Upgrade win7 machines to Win 10 and do a Azure AD join.


My query is ,

a) whether this option is workable?

b) in the step 5 above , when an user does a Domain join to XYZ.COM AAD,  will they be able to access the On Premise applications in ABC.COM AD domain?  I am visualizing that they will be prompted to give credentials. In which case the user will give the  ABC.COM Domain credentials.   Is this a correct asumption?


Greately appreciate in advance for your advice.


With BEst Regards,








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