Office 365 Single Sign On

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Currently in our tenant we have Federation option enabled. We can't turn on Seamless Single Sign on because our exchange team has some office equipment on premise and needs federation to be turned on.


We have frequent request from our user community that they get the login prompt and have to authenticate multiple times while using O365 services like Sharepoint, Teams etc.. We have sharepoint links from coldfusin intranet and other locations. Each time they click on any sharepoint document or link they have to authenticate which is a concern for users.


Is there anyway to avoid the login page for our users and help them sign in automatically while using O365 services like sharepoint and Onedrive without turning on seamless single sign on.

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You only have to federate Office 365 by creating a trust with your local AD:

I'm deleting the duplicate post. Sorry for the mix-up - thanks.

What you are looking for is the "seamless SSO" experience, which is certainly possible with AD FS but requires some additional configuration. First of all, make sure to review this article to better understand the expected experience:


Once you cover that part, start working on the real solution for seamless SSO - smart links. I've put some guidance here:


For SPO in particular, you can also take a look at the "acceleration" feature:

Perfect thanks both Vasil and Pablo for all the information provided . I shall review this with my Team and reach out for any additional questions.