Emulating windows hello cred from physical box

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I have azure-ad joined windows 10 VM in Azure

I want to unlock the VM from the VM's login-shell  (not want to provide creds on the RDP-client)  with the Windows Hello Credential stored on the physical Azure AD join device.

Is it a viable flow technically?


In other words,  what I want to validate is, 


I have a physical AAD-joined win10 device where I have enrolled Windows Hello

I want to use this WHfB credential while unlocking one Win 10 VM in Azure that I already RDP  into from this physical device.


So I am staring at the std. window's login screen  of  VM where I can put my password.

However, I do not want to feed password.

Instead I want to login with  WHfB-cred stored in the physical box.

We know we have  WebAuthn redirection  by  redirectwebauthn:i:1


Can we  use this RDP-property ?




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@testuser7 From how I understand The Documentation this would be possible if the Server is Server 2022 and you use Windows Hello for Business Certificate Trust - however I have not tested this before and WHfB Cert Trust is a little much for a quick test.