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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Where can I find the License Key

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We have purchased EM+S E3 licenses for our users. We have setup a trial of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics that has just expired. Where do I go to retrieve the 25-character product key to license Microsoft ATA?

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This is what I could find from Install Advanced Threat Analytics page


"If you acquired a license for Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) directly via the Office 365 portal or through the Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) licensing model and you do not have access to ATA through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center (VLSC), contact Microsoft Customer Support to obtain the process to activate Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)."


So it's meant to be available via VLSC but depending on how EMS has been bought you may have to contact Microsoft directly instead to process the activation.  Hope that helps a bit.

Hi Cian


Thank you for your reply. That is the information I have found i this thread also:


I will contact Microsoft Customer Support for the license key.


Hi Danny,


Sorry to dredge up this old post, but I'm guessing you had success with Microsoft Support in acquiring your license key?


I've not had any luck, and am now on my 5th week of dealing with MS and Ingram Micro to get a key.


Do you by chance remember which support department you spoke to? Or do you have any record of communication with them?




Hi All,


I got this from a Microsoft Azure Case:


Correct steps to open a support request for Commerce Team.

  1. Online:

Open your service request online in the Office 365 admin center using an Global Administrator ID –

  1. Visit
  2. In the “Need Help?” box, type keyword “Subscription”
  3. Under the section, click “Let us call you”, please confirm your number and Click “Call me


  1. Phone:

Alternatively please have your Global Administrator call the appropriate support phone number in your region at your convenience. Billing support is provided in English from 9 AM–5 PM (9 AM–6 PM in Australia), Monday–Friday. For your convenience, I am listing information for the United States region: Call (800) 865-9408 and enter the number at the voice prompts

Press 2 - Continue

Press 1 - Business users

Press 2 - Billing and Subscriptions



After doing option 1, then within a single business day I had the key


Friendly regards

Stefan B. Christensen / Denmark

FYI I got my key from here.


Hi Paul,

Greetings!! Hope you are doing great today.

I know that today is holiday but since I am in office, I discussed this with our internal resources received an update regarding this issue. They verified your subscription and other details and confirmed as valid. For further discussion and to share the key for Advanced Threat Analytics, requesting you to get on the call tomorrow. We’ll contact you between 12-2pm EST. Please be available.

Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Online Support Team.

Thanks & Regards,

Exchange Online Tier 2 Engineer

Availability - Mon-Fri : 1000 HRS - 1900 HRS EST