I can't solve The ATA directory service setting error "The LDAP server is unavaliable."

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■Verification environment






Windows Server 2016



I recieved the error "The LDAP server is unavaliable."


■Try and error

I checked the following web site.


Troubleshooting the ATA error log



I found the following article in the web site.



System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapException: The LDAP server is unavailable.

1.Verify that the user account used by ATA to connect to the Active Directory domain has read access to all the objects in the Active Directory tree.
2.Make sure that the domain controller is not hardened to prevent LDAP queries from the user account used by ATA.


Then I turned off fire wall, and use administrator of domain instead of the user that ATAgateway uses for active directory domain access.

But I can't solve this error.


Help me!

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I solved this issue. I misconfigured the network of ATAGW.