Using Bookings to setup a Secondary School Parent-Teacher Schedule

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Hello all, 

I've setup a "Bookings" to handle our Parent-Teacher night (2000 students, 125 teachers, up to 5000 parents and guardians) will be booking. I've done a 20 person test and Bookings seems up to the task but I wish...(isn't there always an I wish...?)

  • I could adjust the 5/10 min appointment window to be 7 or 8 or whatever I choose...
  • I could import all the teachers as staff (csv is ok) with a default business schedule
  • I could restrict parent (customer) booking to non-continuous (forcing a break) and max number per day

These are actually just tweeks to perfect the system. I think it will work great.

Anyone have any experience with the situation?

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@Jeff_Spence totally agree with your recommendations, I'm facing exactly the same issue for our own  parent teacher night.

@Jeff_Spence Hello! I have only just come across Microsoft bookings. I’m hoping you can help with this question?

if just one booking was set up, is it possible to add all the staff in my school to that booking and can parents then choose multiple, different staff to see at different times?

Yes, you can add all your staff however, and hopefully someone can correct me they can only make a single booking. They can of course go back in and make another booking, trying to work this out for myself.



@Rob Fuller thank you for your reply. Hopefully somebody else can comment here and let us know if it is possible. If parents have to go in numerous times just to book to see numerous different teachers than that really is not a good solution. Fingers crossed there is a way. 

@Jeff_Spence Thanks for your reply. A great video and very helpful but it doesn’t cover how a parent can book to see multiple different staff during one assigned parents’ evening. Fingers crossed there is a way to do this. 

@_Andy_E only thought I had was to create a 'service' for each department and then have a separate landing page for parents to visit so they can click on the subject area e.g English, Maths, Science etc etc then each one has just those teachers in it. Wondered if it would make it slightly easier to navigate but again not idea would be SOO much better if they could make a multi booking in one hit. 
Anyone see this as a feature request we can vote on at least?