Sync Calendars

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I've spent all afternoon searching for this answer everywhere, so i apologize if it's answered somewhere (as i'm sure it is).


In bookings I would like to set up 3 "generic" booking calendars so our clients can book meetings during a 4 day period (a virtual convention).  I found a video that does this for health care, where you can sync it to Teams which i'd love to do and see all 3 calendars at once. BUT in that example each doctor (aka staff member) has their own calendar...I want to do this but each calendar just has it's own name such as Appointment Calendar 1, Appointment Calendar 2, Appointment Calendar 3.  Once our agents book their appointments we'll then go back and assign the meetings to staff.


If there's a better app option to do something like this instead...please let me know.  I'm not married to Bookings but thought it would be the best way to send out a "book here" link to our agents.


Thanks for any feedback!!!!!!


@sambrown your article on setting up bookings for virtual visits was's what i'm trying to do but with non person specific calendars if possible?

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