Staff identification

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I have a group who setup their staff in a Booking page in the old version as Viewer. They are now starting to use the new version of Bookings and they have an issue with the color bubbles not displaying the proper initials as it did prior to the switch over.  They added a generic name for all of the staff so that the clients will book appointments according to time and not because they want a specific person to help them . On the line for the initials to appear in the color bubble they entered the initials of the staff member. They then entered the staff members email. When you view the staff list all appears correctly. When you go to the Calendar view to manage all of the staff Bookings the color bubble now show the generic name initial. The result is that the administrator of the page does not know who the staff member is. They need to go back to the staff page and look at the color of the staff member they are attempting to manage. Has anyone else run into this issue?

Thanks for your help. 

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