Reminder notification email shows wrong time zone

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We have been having an issue where the bookings calendar notification email shows the wrong time zone. This is even after checking that the correct time zone is selected in the settings in Outlook and in the general Bookings settings page. 


For example, a client from the UK will book a time in our time zone, Eastern US EST, and we get a notification reminding us of the appointment on Bookings only for it to show the time in GMT UK time, and not in EST. 


This does not happen all the time, but it has occurred on several separately managed calendars. Most of the appointments will show the EST time zone time in the reminder email, but there are a few that have the client's time zone instead. We have gone to the settings page on both Outlook and Bookings for each calendar and set the time zone to Eastern EST multiple times and this has not helped. We have also gone through the efforts of ensuring that each team member's outlook account is set to EST time zone and that has not resolved it.


This issue has not happened for us before, and has only started in the past week since 9/4/23.


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Having a similar issue, calendar invite customer receives when they book via the shared Bookings page which is set to Central Standard Time, comes to them in Indian Standard Time. Need a fix!