"Some Error Occurred" when clicking the bookings service link

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For the past two days, our bookings has been giving the above error when we click service bookings page link.  We have been using it to schedule interviews and this is the link that is sent to our candidates to schedule their interviews.  I emailed the link to my personal email address and I'm getting the same error whether I'm in the program or clicking like an applicant would from the outside.

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@Mike_R_VAWe are having the same problem, starting on the same date. It has affected all users who try and log into bookings on their cell phone.

@Mike_R_VA We also having same issue for past 1 week to all users, Atfirst embed link not worked so we switched to direct link now direct link too not working

@Parthiban_Ravanan can you please share your self-schedule bookings page URL to me over DM? If the page is not published for everyone, can you please share a screenshot of the page along with the URL in the browser address bar?



@Babu_Alagarsamy we encounter the same problem at one of our customers.  The bookings reservation page first worked... and a few days ago, it only gives "Some error occurred" ... is there any advice you can give us ??

@JanPintelon can you please DM me your Bookings page URL?

@Babu_Alagarsamy : I am getting same error since today morning. Please help with resolution steps

@Ravish_Khichar  @Babu_Alagarsamy We are getting the same error since today morning. Are there any updates or resolution you managed to find. 



We are also getting this error on approx. 20% of our team members' booking page links as of this morning. Others work fine. I have tried to modify various settings to see if that could fix it, but no change - same "Some error occurred" in text in an otherwise blank page in the browser appears. Any assistance is highly appreciated!




Also getting the same issue as of today.
I have the same issue, please help

Can you all check if it is working fine now?

Please close the browser window and reopen to check.

I have tested on all links that didn't work earlier today, and they all seem fine now. Great response time - excellent, thanks a million!
Thx, seems to work now !!

Also facing the same issue as of today. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

@dyoung88 if you are still facing the issue can you please DM me your Bookings page URL?

@Babu_Alagarsamy It works now, thanks a lot! Great response time

I have sent you a DM