"Additional information" no longer included in Bookings Meeting Invites

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I've been using Bookings for about 10 months now. Last week, I did have the issue where the Booking links to private meetings would throw the unhelpful error "Some error occurred." That seems to have been resolved, so I don't know if the below is related.

This week, the meetings that are being scheduled no longer include the "Additional Information" section in the meeting invites that are sent to me or the client. This information is appearing in other places, as expected, such as the client's meeting confirmation email and the New Booking email sent to me as the owner of the service. It is also not appearing in the invite.ics attachment included with the client's confirmation email.


Previous Meeting invite 8.24.23Previous Meeting invite 8.24.23Current Meeting Invite 9.5.23Current Meeting Invite 9.5.23

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I'm also experiencing this issue. Very frustrating since I cannot see any notes the client might leave when they book the appointment.