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What is the easiest way a user can see all the Bookings sites she has created? It's possible to create multiple sites, but it's not obvious how you get back to the admin page for any given site after it's created.


Thank you,

Anne Toal

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Hi Anne - 

Thanks for your question! The only way for a user to go back to previously created booking pages is for them to click on "Open" in the Home page under the drop down menu in the name of the booking page.


Search a booking page.PNG


Once they do that, they can search for their booking pages in a pop-up window.

Hope this helps!





Thanks for your reply. Would you please post a picture of the pop-up window where you can choose between booking pages? When I do as you instruct, this is all I see.





Hi Anne - You are seeing the correct pop up window but since you don't have a search option, that drives me to believe that there is only one booking calendar in your tenant.


Could you try and create another and then see if the search box appears?