BUG?: Self-Service Reschedule for staff-created bookings does not work

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Hey everybody,

If you have toogled "Let customers manage their appointment when it was booked by you or your staff on their behalf" on, the customer will get an E-Mail with the "Reschedule" Button in the mail.

If the customer clicks this button, he surely will reach "his" appointment in the web but is not able to reschedule this appointment. He can only apply a new booking (see screenshot). That´s super confusing and not clearly for the customer. I tested it now in four different tenants with the same result.


Edit: If you book the same service by yourself, you got all options for reschedule. See screenshot 3.


Any thoughts or solutions?


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Andreas Schlüter, can you please check your lead time settings under the service? If we are already past the min lead time for the service, reschedule/cancel will not be allowed. Otherwise, customers should see both of these options irrespective of how the booking was initiated.