Bookings Reminders not savings

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Is anyone else having the problem when they are setting up their email reminders and follow ups, once you have input everything and hit the final save in the left had corner nothings saves.


I have tried this countless times reset my cache and deleted cookies etc. and am still having the problem.


If I change my leas time or anything else it will save but nothing to do with my email reminders!!

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@MarisaLeBoeuf Yes, I previously had reminder emails set and they worked fine. I discovered today that my reminder email had disappeared. When I tried multiple times to set it again, it won't save. I clicked "Save Changes" for the reminder email and clicked "Save" in the top right. When I go back in to make sure it saved, nothing is set up for a reminder email.

@MarisaLeBoeuf, we are seeing the same issue.  Create a 1 hour email reminder and a 1 day email reminder on a personal bookings page then save.  Go back into the personal booking and the email reminders are gone.  

Yes, @MarisaLeBoeuf , I am having the same problem.  How do we get tech support to notice this issue?


@MarisaLeBoeuf  Same issue for me!