Bookings at 15 minute increments not working on 15 and 45 past the hour

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Despite setting business hours and staff availability hours up correctly - Microsoft has changed something to prevent bookings occurring on 15 and 45 past the hour. This has caused complete chaos, we have been reliably using Bookings app since April 2021 with 15 minute appointments. Can I get an indication when the bug will be fixed as we are losing half our customers each day. I've tried many work arounds but nothing is allowing booking son the 15 and 45 past the hour. 

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I got the same issue, I just change the "interval" on the service to 5 min instead of 45 min and it unblock the issue.
This is affecting us as well
Surely this will give the user options to book at 5 minute intervals between the start and end times!?
Major problem in a school Library Learning Commons. Changing the time interval to 5 minutes will allow a teacher to book at 8:45, but also 8:50, 8:55, etc... creating more problems than it solves. We need the ability to start at 5 minute increments to match block schedules. The services have worked flawlessly for years and now they are broken. Please fix!

@BarbL72 Now working correctly on my test calendar. Duration and time increments set to 50. Availability set to 8:45 to 10:25



Our tenant was also impacted by this 'phantom issue'. Appears to have started around February 23rd and as of this morning it is working again for us as well.

No advisories from MS relating to this whatsoever.

I have a similar issue. My service is set to 30 min and increments are also set to 30 min. 

However my starting time is a quarter past (19:15). Still bookings is not respecting the 30 min increments set.


When the time starts at 1900 there is no issue:


Not sure what is wrong here or do i miss something in the setup?