Website Deindexed from Bing and Yahoo

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Our Site (Blowing Ideas) currently not showing in bing search. Though the site crawled regularly an image search showed the result.


But regular searches have no result even if we search for "" this happened somewhere in 2021, since then I tried contacting the support team about 10-15 times, and after waiting around 10 days I get no message. Can Someone please tell me what I should do, because I built the website and working for almost 4 years now, It takes a lot of effort and suddenly we see Bing deindex our site? We don't know what to do as we are hopeless by now. Leaving this thread here and waiting for a miracle to happen.



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I am facing the same issue with my site please enlighten me if you have found any of the solutions.


I understand your concern because I was facing the same issue with my site quickusernames and it can be frustrating when your website is not showing up in search results. Here are some steps you can take to address the issue:

Check for Penalties:
Ensure that your website has not been penalized by Bing. You can check for manual actions in Bing Webmaster Tools. If there are any issues, Bing might provide information about the penalties.

Submit Sitemap:
Make sure you have submitted an updated sitemap to Bing through Bing Webmaster Tools. This can help Bing understand the structure of your website and index it more effectively.

Quality Content:
Ensure that your website has high-quality, relevant content. Search engines tend to prioritize websites with valuable and unique content.

Check for Technical Issues:
Verify if there are any technical issues on your website that might be affecting its indexation. Check for crawl errors, broken links, or any issues that might hinder search engine bots from accessing your content.


Review Robots.txt:
Double-check your website's robots.txt file to make sure it's not blocking Bing's crawlers. Ensure that the directives in the file are not preventing the indexing of your pages.

Backlink Profile:
Evaluate your website's backlink profile. Low-quality or spammy backlinks can negatively impact your site's search rankings. Disavow any harmful links using Bing Webmaster Tools.

Engage with Bing Webmaster Tools:
Monitor your website's performance and indexation status through Bing Webmaster Tools regularly. It can provide insights into any issues Bing encounters while crawling your site.

Reach Out to Bing Support:
Continue trying to contact Bing Support. While it may take time, persistent communication may eventually lead to a resolution. Provide detailed information about the issue and steps you've taken to address it.

Remember that improvements in search engine rankings may take some time. Keep monitoring your website's performance and make gradual adjustments based on the information you gather.