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The recent change to the news layout on the Trending on Bing page is a nice enhancement. The first results are vertical now vs. horizontal before. Makes it more readable more quickly. :smile: Thanks to the team for this.



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Yes, i really like it! Bing is steadily transitioning from old style dominated mostly by text to new visuals and useful information cards.
Is this for cellphone, desktop/ laptop, or all three (please)?
I saw it on desktop. Should be same for laptop. Dunno about phone.


you're right, laptop and desktop have no difference in their user agent when interacting with websites.

on the phone, the layout is not the same.




@HeyU-notU-U I wonder.... do you think 'they' (Bing!) are going to- or could- keep BOTH layout styles? I wouldn't mind seeing the "trending on Bing! carousel" located on the bottom of the page after the ... (What's the name of this type of layout, anyway?! The one w/ the big red circle, please.).

@Rae_Rae Sorry, I don't know the answer to either question. I don't there's a name for the layout. I am ok with where the panels are for Trending. The thing that gets me is when you click on one of the panels and instead of the usual action of listing the news articles underneath it, Bing takes you to a whole new page, away from Trending. You have to hit the back button to get back to Trending.

@HeyU-notU-U I know what you mean. *(About being redirected to another page while still in the same tab.) What I do- because I am using my Dell Chromebook (it's a laptop, BTW/ FTR)- is (either) hold down the control button, then push the space bar. Or, (because it's is a bit easier and faster for me to do so) I hover the pointer over the link, then right-click to get the drop-down box where I can then click the "open in new tab." I almost always "F.I.L./M.O." (fear I'm losing/ missing out) if I don't do 'it' this way. 


I would not want to change the way tabs open. I like having the choice of how they open. Although come to think of it, I am pretty sure there are settings w/in your device that you can control these functions. How you find those settings depends on your device- I believe.