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Is there any way to unclutter Bing home page ?   I like the photos posted on the home page but right thru the middle, blocking the photo, is the bing search bar and below that is another Blank bar .  To enjoy the page photo I have to delete all the sites I have been at to enjoy the photo.   Any search bars or return sites should be listed at the very top .

Thank you


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this is how my Bing home page looks like when I try to turn off the customizations






if you like the photos, there is also this official app you can use to automatically set Bing daily backgrounds as your desktop wallpaper.


you can also do the same on Android phones by installing Microsoft launcher


hope that helps

Hello @HotcakesX....
I would like to say something about your screenshot... I have the same thing, i want to turn off "news and interests" so, i put off it in the menu, but every day, all the settings changed, and all the elements come back... I can't fix the settings; do you have a solution please? Thank you very much.
you're right, unfortunately those settings aren't saved in user account..