My Website completely disappeared from Bing

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Hi, I have a website where we post content related to video games including news, guides, opinions, and reviews. About 7 months ago, the website got completely removed from Bing. I couldn't find a single search result even if I search '' on bing. I checked my emails if there was any issue. There was no such mail from bing. I tried contacting bing support several times including Twitter also. There's always been an automated response to check Bing Guidelines. I've checked thoroughly if we are violating any bing search guidelines, but couldn't find any. We've always been honest with our content and never involved ourselves in any bad tactics. In fact, our website gets decent exposure on google search and it is approved for google news also. That's what keeps us going when we research our content and publish. But, having known we are not on Bing search, is always demotivating because we don't know the actual reason. Hope, someone can help here.

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can anyone help on this matter?

We've experienced the same and BING support won't tell us why.


Domain :

We checked recently and our domain has been removed from BING.
To our knowledge we've done nothing wrong , we are indexed 100% correctly in Google/Yahoo etc.

However BING have removed our domain , we contacted BING and they said we "violated guidelines".


Can anyone please let us know what "guidelines" we've most likely violated here?