Homepage quiz is broken

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Question is in subject!

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Hello! Please write what is the damage and whether you write about Windows 10? Is it about Edge? What version has damage?
I had to use Chrome and got around the problem that way, I had used the current version in the windows insider DEV Version the edge version is 92.0.867.0

@Bill Goodbody 

It is not the home page is corrupted, the unstable version does not work with the outdated site and it is normal these are common behaviours, probably this http. security protocol prevents proper loading! so thought

The page loads it will not advance to question 3 after answering question 2.
But it's not participating in the Quiz! for me too many puzzles!
Good luck!
When I clicked on the 2nd 10 points it came automatically.

@Bill Goodbody 

My Congratulations! thank you for an interesting topic and very instructive!

Hi @Bill Goodbody, I'm sorry to hear that the quiz wasn't working for you on Saturday! Did the quiz work today? 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

I was able to get the points I needed today although the days used reset to zero again.