What happened to the tools for developers?

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Bing used to have really awesome tools for developers in search. There was a color-picker, an ascii table, and even the ability to find and run commonly searched code snippets on the results page. I found the ascii table helpful and used to use it a lot since I have a tough time remembering the ascii codes. It's been a while since I used the code snippet feature, but it was extremely useful for me a few years back when I was getting into computer science at school. I'm providing links at the end of this post to the articles that show these features and what they were. Hopefully, a few of them will come back.

Microsoft and HackerRank bring executable code snippets to Bing - TechCrunch 

Bing Code Search Makes Developers More Productive - Microsoft Research 

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That does seem useful, even though I want Bing to compete with Google in terms of search results, indexing and more crawled data, but these unique features will definitely do help as well.

I'm a sad that this received no reply from anyone. These tools were extremely useful, and I would love to know why they are now gone. :slightly_frowning_face: