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Hello Developers I am CEO of Our websites almost all results are ranked #1 or Top 5 Position on Bing. But now a days all of our post are deindexing from bing even when we search for Site: (link removed by moderator) on bing it show around 4,000+ results but in real it 5 or 6 results. My question is that why our post are deindexing from bing. Please Resolve it....Help us.

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@Dipankar07_ I wish I could help, but I've seen a number of websites being affected, including my own. So far, Bing has not been responsive on answering tickets, so It feels like they either don't care or aren't sure as to what's going on. 

Either way it's hurting our traffic and ad revenue generation ;(

Hello! As per our code of conduct, we don't allow sharing third-party/external links to keep the community a place free of ads and self-promotion, so we've removed the links in your posts above.

We hope users here can help, but this sort of inquiry will likely be best solved by Bing webmaster support: