support tickets wont be answered by bing web masters (deindexing)

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hey is anyone else experieicng isues with support?


Iv had a few tickets open for weeks now with no reply, i havent even recieved the automatic message comfirming my tickets have been recieved. iv tried opening new ones ect and still nothing. 


Trying to resolve the issue with my sites being deindexed, they were indexed and ranking well then suddenly dropped off a day apart from eachother. It still says they are indexed on the webmaster tools URL inspection but when I search bing to check "site:(your domain here)" nothing is there and it says "some contents has been removed"


Both my sites were original and checked all the SEO boxes as well as followed guide lines. There was genuninly no reason what so ever to deindex them and all the backend was working well (hosting, cloudflair, ect)


Its been 3 weeks now without any reply and since my sites were indexed. Iv tried every possible way to conatct them or try and fix the error but nothing has worked, any help would be greatly appreciated as im not sure what to do after this!

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You can't really do anything. I've tried messaging them at least 6 times over the past 2 months, but sometimes I don't even receive the e-mail confirmation that my ticket has been submitted. Also, no response at all.

Google indexed all my articles (500+) and I receive traffic and rank for keywords normally. Bing? Not even ONE of my articles is in their Index.
I'm in the same boat. Bind has deindexed my 11-year-old site for no reason. I have sent multiple emails and none of them are answered. It's been 3 months and yet no single response from support.