Auto "correcting" addresses

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So for awhile I've had this issue where I type in an address into bing maps sometimes it auto changes it to something else. Sometimes it's something small like adding a name. Sometimes it's huge like changing the street name, number city state and sometimes even country. Either way it will often do it even AFTER I click the drop down suggestion which is correct.

As of a couple of days ago I noticed it has increased greatly to the point where almost 50% of the things I type in at a minimum get an unwanted and not always even accurate location name added on which makes it much harder to quickly and easily parse and see the address of and order.

Also in the past I used to sometimes be able to get the thing I wanted, typed in and actually clicked by just hitting enter or putting in completely full address or taking out something like city/zipcode etc. Now though Bing maps doesn't care what I do and constantly changes it

So is there any way to get bing maps to actually show the address I type in and want or will I have to switch to another map program that doesn't assume it knows better than me and forces something else on me?

Oh and I've submitted hundreds of reports on this but not really doing much

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