Why are calendars shown with different laguages in O365 Outlook (desktop version)

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We have gone through all the settings we can imagine in both OWA and the desktop version - this is an example og what it looks like

"Kalender" (Danish) an "Calendar" (English)



what are we missing ? 

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We have the same. It depend of the language setup for the other mailox ( check the setting of language for user/shared mailbox CPP projecter for example, it will be in English.

Do this command in powershell:



Get-Mailbox <email of other user> | Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration



Result wil ldisplay probably "en-GB".


To change it:


Get-Mailbox <mail of the user> | Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration |Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -Language en-BE


Replace the user and replace the value in language by what you need, I don't know the value but probably something similar to "dk-DK"?


Wait a bit for replication, usually it was modified in the outlook of other people the next day for my tenant

thank you for that - the problem still remains though - I get " Identity "Værksted på første" but nothing under Language, datefromat, timeformat and timezone
that is also the case if I do the powershell commands for some of the other resources
If I log in to their respective accounts, the language seems to be DK
what am I doing wrong ?
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I would say try to replace the language via pwoershell. I found an article for a sharedmailbox to change to Danish...

Excellent help ! that worked, so thank you very much :)