SharePoint Administrators Can’t Update Sensitivity Labels for Document Libraries



For whatever reason, SharePoint Online doesn’t allow administrators to control the settings of document libraries. In particular, default sensitivity labels. It seems crazy that other Microsoft 365 workloads allow administrators to manage the settings of things like mailboxes, groups, plans, and teams, but SharePoint Online holds steadfast to not allowing administrators go deeper than a site. It would be nice to see consistency around administrator access across all workloads.

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Hello Tony

Thank you for your comment about the SP pages with a labeling.

I don't know if you know it already, but you can define a super user in the AIP, who has quasi access in the tenant via the labels, even if the creator of the labels would not be active anymore.

You can think of it as a backup account for the AIP Labels.

You can try to define your SP admin user as such an AIP super user and then test again whether you now have authorization:

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@KorayKazak Hi, I am very familiar with the concept of an AIP super user and cover its use in detail in the Office 365 for IT Pros book. Although, AIP super user is very useful in some cases, such as removing labels from items involved in a tenant to tenant migration, it has no effect on SharePoint site access as it deals with files stored in file systems. If you disagree, please document the steps you took to manage the default sensitivity label for a document library (where you are not a site owner) using the AIP super user permission and I shall be happy to check it out.