Where to modify password complexity policy in office 365?

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Where to modify password complexity policy in office 365?





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Duplicate thread! But I’ll post my answer here as well:

Cloud only setup I presume?
See here:


Also using MFA is recommended to ensure further protection

@adam deltinger  This link only shows the Microsoft recommendations and another link to change a password expiration date. There is nothing on where the complexity settings are changed. It appears Teams inherits the core MS password complexity requirements and, at least for a non-profit tenant, there is no way to change them.

There actually is a link there, if you go to the left-hand sidebar and rummage around. The page I wound up at (eventually) was:
The page title is "Turn off strong password requirements for users"



This only instructs us how to disable strong password requirements for users. How do we fine tune the password complexity of an Office 365 user? For example, we would like to set the same policy for our Office 365 users as we have for our synced AD users.

Richard, did you ever figure this out. I've gone around in the same circles you have.

Also looking for this.

We can reset passwords in either the on-prem or cloud tenant with password write-back; unfortunately a lot of times the password the cloud randomly generates doesn't meet the complexity requirements; so now instead of the helpdesk being able to quickly and easily reset passwords using the web interface they are already in a good chuck of the day; they now have to VPN in to the datacenters and connect to a PC with RSAT tools.

How can we adjust the policy so that the randomly generated password is more complex?

There is no option. Also there is no option to define any password policy in Azure (of sorry!), Entra AD
In comparison to local AD it looks to me like step backwards