Using Security Group to grand access to Folder in SharePoint

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I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my setting...
I have a SharePoint site where I created few folders in Documents. Now, I've created security group for each folder that contains users that can access those folders.
Now, I right click on a folder -> Manage Access -> and under Direct Access I've added that security group.
I thought that's it and users from that security group would be able to access that folder with no issue. However, when testing it, I can see that users are going through - You need permission...... "Request Access" process.
Why users are getting that "Request Access" process if they are already added to Direct Access within Security Group? What I am missing here?
Also, I've declined one of those requests by mistake... and the user is getting "access denied" every time he tries to access the folder. How can I take that back so that he can eventually.  request access again? I've managed to find history of access requests, but there is no option to modify that declined request....
Thanks... I've been trying to deal with it last several research online etc...  and just getting more and more confused :)
What is the best way for using security groups to grant access on Folder level? and not to entire SharePoint site?
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@MiSum83 "You can use security groups to control permissions for your site by adding security groups to SharePoint groups and granting permissions to the SharePoint groups." also, "

You can give people permissions to the site by adding individual users, security groups, or Microsoft 365 groups to one of the three SharePoint groups.
  • Owners.
  • Members.
  • Visitors.

also: Communication sites aren't connected to Microsoft 365 groups and use the standard SharePoint permissions groups


Since I can't actually see your site setup, I would start here by making sure they were properly applied. You say you are applying the security groups to folders inside a SP document library.  Make sure that the SGs have access to the Document library first. Once they do, you should be able to set access to the folders individually (i.e. SG1 gets access to Folder1, SG2 to 2, SG 1&2 to Folder 3, etc). I had a client for two years that we used Security Groups to do all access to SharePoint and it worked fine (with the usual caveats about S.G.s limitations). Sorry I can't be more prescriptive but it usually would take a hand's on approach to make sure it's all setup properly.  By the way, I've read rumors that MSFT is phasing out SGs. I have no idea if this is true, but you might want to consider whether you want to widely propagate this. I was working for a small NGO when I implemented it.  If we had to change it, it would be easy.