Thick window title bar in office 365 applications

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My office got updated to 2110 version and with this update something got broken with window title bars in all office apps that I use (Excel, Word... I didn't restart yet OneNote but it'll suffer probably too)... The window title bars are irritating thick/big/wide - whatever to call it. But when I click "File" on ribbon menu the title bar is back to normal - nicely thin/normal.


Is there option to Restore "normal, thin window title bars"?

Check the screenshot - the blue line I draw at edge of the window title bar (you can also see the thickness of window title bar by looking at the highlighted buttons (close and user)).

I have Win10 pro v2004. Office (excel version in example: 2110 )




Or this is because of this ugly Windows 11 looks (this is my personal opinion).

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Correct. It is now Aug-22 and the stupidly thick title bars are still there. Microsoft obviously too arrogant and lazy to be bothered with this issue.

As I told in December, nobody from MS will look or change anything...
Anyway, now is even worse as the "big bar" is creeping into other applications such as Edge...
And in Windows 11 in almost all apps (such as Windows Explorer etc).

@aludosanAs someone in this thread said, Windows 11 user interface is infantile and not suitable for business use. I will revert to Windows 10 when time permits.

@Przemyslaw W 

I just got this update today and I'm amazed at how terrible it is. I had specifically opted out the new redesign but I guess the button switched itself back on because that's how software is these days! Absolutely unacceptable. I'm not sure if anyone here noticed the new Outlook design but **** it's so horrible and robs you of screen space! I don't get it. These are business programs. Why do they have to change the design so radically and make it so unbearably ugly and impractical? We just want to do work nobody cares about the design as long as it looks somewhat ok and works!


This new Windows 11 design language is terrible. At least Windows 10's touch-screen-friendly design is passable because A) it actually looks decent B) that blocky design fits well on desktop programs

Like on outlook there's a new curved design bar on the left where you select your accounts that robs like 1/3 of the space there. WHY?


I swear to god Microsoft wants to kill off their own products and wants us to switch to MacOS and Linux, there's no other explanation.

Has anyone else noticed that the "new" Outlook title bar is only 58 pixels high while all other office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and even "legacy" Outlook) are 59 pixels in high? I frequently have Teams and Excel open in separate windows on an ultrawide monitor with no bezel to interfere with the separate windows and it's so unpleasant to look at. I'm sorry if I'm making you see something you can no longer unsee but I had to get the opinion of others.


@Przemyslaw W,
Solution is reg hack.
to Disable thick title
save the following in a .reg file close all office apps and run this reg,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00