Teams: automate teams contact creation

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I have a some external contacts (name and phone are mandatory) which has to be shared between selected users and visible in Teams.

We use a SharePoint list to manage the contact and a script synchronize them in Outlook contacts.

All contacts are visible in Teams but:
- They are not Teams contacts in the Call menu, the option menu "..." to add to speed dial, edit and block the contact is greyed out

- In the Teams contacts, a right-click on a synchronized contact allow me to add to the speed dial but it creates a duplicates. It create a speed dial contact which is not synchronized which can cause issues if there's an update on the contact
- Search in teams is not working for these contacts (only for GAL and Guests)

I tried to create contacts with Power Automate but it also create an Outlook contact.
Is there a way to create native Teams contact with scripts/automation?

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