table cells won't stay at correct size...

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I am using a document the school sent to me.

It has a table of three columns.

When I put data in the leftmost column it widens to accept it all. Some of it is a long URL.   It keeps it as one long string across the page.

When I put data which again includes a long URL in the middle column the URL gets broken across two lines just like 'word wrap' usually works.

By the now the rightmost column is almost completely gone.  I can just see it.  I paste data in there and it doesn't give any errors but I can't see the data.

I can select a cell vertical side and try to move it but it won't move. It will select but not move.

How can I lock this table in place so I can paste data in there and the data will 'wrap' to fit within the columns?

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