Sweep Rules not avail to add or edit? O365 OWA

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When I try and add a sweep rule, there is only the delete button...not add or edit button.


I can add inbox rules just fine.


This is OWA O365


sweep rules.PNG

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You are not getting the add button for Sweep rules as you can only add the Sweep rule from Inbox after highlighting an email.


Once you are going to create a Sweep rule you will get the option to  delete it, edit option is not available. 


To add a sweep rule go to your inbox and highlight the email on which you want to add a sweep rule. Once the mail is highlighted you will see Sweep option on top. Click on Sweep and now you will get the pop up with several options. To create a Sweep rule select either "always keep the latest message and delete/archive the rest" or " always delete/archive the message older than 10 days ".


Refer Screenshot 


Sweep Rules.JPG




Robin Nishad

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I was hoping to find a way to weekly clean the inbox by moving files to folder at end of each week or similar.


I don't think the sweep rules can do this, can they???

@Mark Helmrich 


Did you ever get it fixed?


I have disabled/enanabed swift rules in powershell, added in Outlook and OWA and they do not show as sweep rules but as just normal rules. The rules do not work if I don't click the play button... if I click them - they work. but they do not auto work.