Summary Updates of Microsoft 365

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I am looking for a link where all Updates of Microsoft 365 (Teams, Whiteboard, Yammer etc.) are posted as summary.

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@JFM_12 Hello, there are several ways to be updated regarding features and updates for all M365 applications and services. If you're not an administrator with access to 'Message center' within the portal, I would recommend the Microsoft 365 Roadmap


Hi bec064

Thank you very much for your answer.

Roadmap is great.

Does Microsoft offer also a Video with a summary for customers?

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No problem. Glad to help out. If you look at the top of the Roadmap page (the meny) you'll see "Watch the latest What’s New in Microsoft 365 video". It directs you to Microsoft at Youtube. You can find a lot of video content that not only offers a summary of news but also training material.



Thank you I will have a look.

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