Sending an email to a Distribution List that includes sender without sender receiving that email

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I have several Distribution List which my company uses as a group to send emails to many recipients. Users are complaining that they don't want to receive the email that they send to a Distribution List which also includes them as a member.


For example, I have a Distribution List that contains me and my team of 5 people and I want to send an email to everyone in my team without having to enter an email of each team member so I enter the Distribution List name in the To box. After hitting send, that email will be delivered to my inbox as well because I'm one of the list members. Is it possible to prevent this?


I'm open to other suggestions to send an email to my team without receiving that email back in my inbox. Note that if other List members want to do the same, they don't want to receive their own emails as well.



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Use a Microsoft 365 Group instead of a DG. Or, create a rule that deletes any message sent to the group with your own address in the From line.