Notify the users when new version publish in our add-in

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We have created an add-on in Microsoft 365. We have several questions about the release of the new version of the add-in.
It is mentioned in the Microsoft 365 documentation. ("You can't have two or more versions of the same app in Microsoft AppSource at the same time, because each app has a unique asset ID. If you publish an updated version of your app without unpublishing a previous version, you will have two listings and will potentially split your customer base.")


Problem 1 - If there is a one version that can be available for the add-in from the Microsoft 365 side, If we publish a new version, then what will happen to the users who used the previous version? Will they be forced to update the new version by sent a notification?


Problem 2 - If Microsoft 365 sends a notification to users using the previous version, can you give an example of how it happens?

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