Outlook keeps asking for password

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Hi, we are having an issue with Outlook with an Office365 account on some user. the password prompt are keep on showing.


I tried running SARA, update windows 10 and office apps, create new profile, remove all credentials from credential manager, do the registry thing, disable antivirus but everything does not work.




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Hey Jeesoon,

I'm having exactly the same issue with 4 of our 80 users. I've done everything that you have as well and been on to MS who have done the same. No reason for it to happen to us either .....
Hi Jeesoo,

Make sure that modern authentication is enabled on the tenant:
Microsoft 365 admin center > Settings > Org Settings > Modern Authentication.

If the key HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Identity\EnableADAL exists than the DWORD has to be set to 1 (

If these solutions don't work, try to create a new Windows user profile.


Yeah, I've done all of them. Not your fault I know, this is my MS rant bit .... I just don't understand that when it happens to multiple users at the same time why recreate the profile is an MS solution. Something has obviously changed in MS otherwise it would only be a 1 user isolated incident, corrupt profile etc .... very frustrating ..... 


See another thread related to the same issue specifically with Outlook 2013 here


Direct link to registry keys to force Office 2013 to use Modern Auth here

I might be way off here lads but has this really got anything to do with Modern Auth. Only reason I say it is because it;s affecting 4 of our users that are all on diff machines (diff makes and models) and if I log into another machine as one of them, it loads fine. One of our guys actually has a laptop and desktop, one works, the other doesn't, both are up to date Win10 and Office ...... it has to be a corrupt profile setting or something.


Keep in mind the registry settings are in the HKCU so they are per user/user profile so possibly they are set for one user and not for another even on the same machine.

What Outlook version?
Have also performed the below after running MS SARA and sending diags to MS:

To further troubleshoot this support request, kindly refer to the below steps:
• HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Exchange >> Create a DWORD Value >> AlwaysUseMSOAuthForAutoDiscover >> set the value to 1
If the issue persists, please re-install office for the user:
• Uninstall office from Control Panel
• Navigate to Regedit and Delete the folder office from the file path \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\
• Also delete the folder office from the file path \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\
• Delete Office and Outlook folder from this location: C:\Users\(User)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\
• Also delete Office and Outlook folder from this location: C:\Users\(User)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\
• Download the office apps from portal
• Configure outlook profile again

Still the same .......

@mprcel I have the same problem. I have limited it to one problem or two problems. So same user same computer on domain gets Microsoft security password endless cycle. Login to same computer as a local admin not on domain and it loads fine. Can not remove mail profile due to endless cycle of password. Could be something to do with Microsoft security and credential manager. 

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2111 Build 16.0.14701.20240) 64-bit
I 100 percent agree with you. Mine is the same things. I think it’s a corrupt profile also. I don’t. how to get rid of it other than blowing off the profile.
Modern Auth is enabled ever since our tenant goes live.

EnableADAL does not exist i created it still does not work. instead of 15.0 i use 16.0

sorry but creating a new user profile is not the best solution for our case, we have 7 users out of 86 and some of this users are 4 hours away from our office. we are on 3 different sites.
Everything does not work, #21 does not even an option for us.
Hey Rd, similar issue here. On the affected users laprop, I logged in as the admin and tried to load up the users profile into outlook and the password prompt still kept appearing. Logged into another domain users laptop as the affected user and no problems at all. Something changed (or updated) since Tuesday that affected us but I honestly believe that it's a machine issue now - something that has affected either registry or file corruption maybe. It's just such a waste of time - uninstalling fully, clearing out all related reg keys to get back to scratch, loading it back on only to face the same problem again. The fact that even under a diff profile on the same machine has the same issue .... there has to be something somewhere ......
Same here, another app is not a solution (even if it does belong to MS). And all of the options in the list lead you to believe that it's an Outlook problem. Maybe it isn't. What if it's a O/S issue. The same version of Win 10 with the same version of Outlook and the same version of AV on another machine has no issues. And as we've all stated, it's not Modern Auth, OWA and Outlook IOS all work fine etc .....



even if you uninstall. Delete outlook files and folders and remove registry. As soon as you load outlook it knows that email address. I agree with y’all some changed or got corrupt. I even tried system restore and came up empty. 

Also after a uninstall and reinstall I used the outlook 365 program that checks to make sure everything is working and I get all green checks I get a error .ost after the outlook app is started. Can’t remember off the top of my head but is something about the file can’t match something. Need to take a picture.

@Rdreynolds343 Yeah I would get that error when I unticked the cache option. Turning cache back on would open the program again but also prompt for the pw.