Outlook - Integrated Apps (Admin-Managed) - Intermittently Appearing/Disappearing on PCs

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In our office we have several integrated add-ins that our Microsoft 365 Global Admin assigns 'everyone in our organization' to Outlook.  Examples:  Zoom, Microsoft Viva,   Since Mid July around when we received the (v2205) updates to Microsoft Office we began experiencing issues with these plugins not loading.  Even when checking their settings within Outlook it shows me as having no apps assigned under admin-managed despite being able to log into the Outlook Web Mail service and see the very same plugins there.

Outlook (V2205 - Enterprise Monthly Update Channel)


Outlook for the Web



I'm trying to identify if this is something that was introduced as part of the office update or some other security setting that is beginning to block these from loading.


I should advise that the issue is intermittent for our users.  Typically users will have to either close/relaunch Outlook when it goes missing.  I've tried some local troubleshooting with certain machines.  Erasing their Outlook profile along with their OST files and the plugins did load until the next day when they disappeared again.


Needing some advise on what could be causing the add-ins to intermittently go away and come back. 

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Update to issue so far... We've received the update to v2206 this week for our Office apps. no notable difference. I erased my local Outlook profile and set my Outlook back up. My admin-managed integrated addins initially loaded on PC version of Outlook. But after two days they are once again gone.

@Jeff_Heathman did you find a solution to this? I have a customer experiencing the same issue



Please check in Safe Mode and COM Add-Ins to see whether it was disabled, please note that the delay of add-ins load also introduce the disable 

@Kidd_Ip thanks for your input, but this is an Integrated App not a COM addin. I don't know what would block this from loading in.