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Morning, I have been using OneNote 2016 for awhile now, but also have Onenote for windows on my PC.   I have been using the dictate feature on Word and then transferring the info to Onenote.  I saw that this feature was on windows 10 and decided to start using this version instead.  The problems I have is that:

1) when I want an email sent to onenote it pastes it in the 2016 version, and then I have to wait for it to download into windows 10, which doesn't always happen.

2) If I delete something from 2016 it deletes it from windows 10.  What must I do to avoid this?

3) I want to move everything to windows 10 but not all my notes have come across from 2016. 

4) Once I get all the above right I want to uninstall 2016 without it affection windows 10.

Your assistance would be appreciated, thank you.

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