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We are trying out a new solution, we are going to use Office 365 F1 licenses to access local exchange shared mailboxes. I`ve done some tests and it seems to work as long as I put the user in the right AD group that has permissions to the local shared mailbox. So I am just wondering if anyone think there will be any trouble along the way. 



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Hi Kent,

Just have your Exchange infrastructure updated. If are shared mailboxes you could migrate to Office 365 without costs. You only need users licensed to access to the mailboxes.

Thanks for the answer Nuno,

Our setup is a little more complex i'm afraid. We are using office 365 at shore.

But we have problem with our ships because the aren't online all the time. So we have to have the shared mailboxes on local servers. So we want to use personal office 365 F1 licenses  and make the user contact the cloud when the are online through the web.

So we don't want SSO but when the open outlook the shall only access the shared mailbox. I don't think that shall be a problem as long as the users are in the right AD group which have access to the shared mailbox. Do you think there will be a problem that I haven't seen yet?

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Hi @Kent Johansson,


For that scenario I'm not seeing any issue, regarding that if you are not any time online and your primary mailbox is F1 It will use the Cached Credentials and if your autodiscover server is available it will connect to your shared mailboxes.