My microsoft account got hacked: Need actual support (Not copy and pasted ones)

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My account got hacked, i dont know how but im sure 2fa is turned on and hackers still got in. I dont understand why there wasnt any emails about it going through my email that someone logged in in my microsoft account. I had things connected to that account such as school and some game like minecraft. Currently my java minecraft is non existence and is deleted from minecraft forever because i cant find it in namemc, but my xbox gamer tag is still alive so it also confirms that it indeed had an association with my account before.


The hacker changed the email of my account that cause my email to be non-existence in the microsoft system. (This is very huge flaw of microsoft, i hope before we do any changes in the account, it is first confirmed in the email address if this email should really be added to that microsoft account) But i do have evidence that it was indeed associated with it before the hacker change the email and its even confirmed by microsoft website, i also got the full email of the hackers email that was used on my account.


I tried everything from contacting support to the account recovery form. But nothing works, i tried cursing the fake email of the hacker that was currently occupying my account, but recieved no response.


I am in dilema on what to do now, this account has been with me ever since my email was created. I just hoped that i get it back, i could provide evidences. But its been getting ignored apparently.


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@Kidd_Ip can you please tell me what do you mean by reset my admin account to a clean one?

@WizOXer I’m experiencing the EXACT same problem here. Microsoft has a major flaw, I hope it gets fixed.

@AllSubjects right now i faced this problem too. have you solved this problem and recovered your microsoft account?