Syncing Issues for specific users when Opening in the Desktop App

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Hello - I'm experiencing issues with Excel Online files not syncing correctly for certain users when they have been accessing them through the Desktop App. I'll try to describe the precise details to paint the picture.


We have a number of Excel Online spreadsheets. These are accessed by Users through Teams and on private channels but are hosted on SharePoint as with all Teams files. Users are able to access and update fine through Teams itself but for certain reasons they need to open regularly in the Desktop App for additional Excel Functionality (refreshing data connections for instance).


One user in particular has found that when she has opened a file in the desktop app and makes changes these are not pushed back up to SharePoint although the file is saying it has saved. If she opens the file again in the Desktop App from teams it also does not show changes made by other users or herself on Teams.


It appears that a local copy is being cached and that her profile is somehow reverting always to the cached version and not pushing changes to SharePoint. We found that Syncing the SharePoint folder to OneDrive helped initially and I then asked her to access the file through a pinned Excel link in the Taskbar but when she used a different PC the problem started occurring again.


We have increasing numbers of shared sheets being used accros the organisation therefore I need to get to the bottom of why certain users are experiencing this issue and what we can do to resolve.



Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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If you can reliably reproduce this behavior, best open a support case.

@Vasil Michev - sorry for showing my ignorance here - I think we definitely can replicate the behavior for the user concerned as it's an ongoing issue - where would I raise a support case as you recommend? I assumed this forum was the best place to come for advice as wasn't aware Microsoft offer dedicated, direct support 

The forum is not a support channel and there is barely any MS person around. Use the admin center to open a support case or call them directly:

@Vasil Michev - hello - I thought this was a community forum? I'm not looking to raise a support request, just advice from other community members who might have had the same issue. I don't have access to the admin center in the link but was hoping - is there an alternative forum for this kind of thing 

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Hello @Lclift61 

I have had such issue with one colleague of mine, always the same Team and the same Excel Sheet and only that particular user. Opening the sheet in the desktop app resulted in showing an older version even though it said it´s up to date and changes are saved. Opening in Teams or Excel web app, revealed that there are newer changes and the desktop app was showing days/week old versions.


There are several places to check now, and which I went through to solve it. In my case it was the first option, a pending upload which somehow got stuck.

1. Check if there any pending uploads in the "Upload Center" (little orange icon in the taskbar). Cancel them necessary.

2. Delete local cache files

  • \appdata\local\temp
  • \appdata\local\microsoft\office\unsavedfiles

3. Delete server cache from registry

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Internet\Server Cache


Assuming you´re using current Office 365 installation and everything is updated.




EDIT: Office Upload Center has been removed, please see my reply below.

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@Tech_Mike Thanks so much. This sounds like exactly the same behavior. We'll definitely try what you've advised and mark response on the forum accordingly.

Hi @Lclift61 

Just like to see if your issue has been resolved. We have a user with the exactly same issue.

@MJCalvin - Hi - I believe the solution marked as the answer above enabled us to resolve the problem at the time. We haven't had this issue occurring as much since then although members of my team are now supporting our users rather than myself. We've also supported our users to try to utilise Teams access to the sheets more when working concurrently as the Opening in the Desktop App seems to not be stable for multiple users and causes sync issues. 

@Tech_Mike Hi, I'm experiencing the exact same issue.  However, in my case, I don't have the Microsoft Upload Center app to check for any sync issues. I performed the other actions, but still the issue occurs. What should I consider to do next?

@RenanMeurer - This issue did resolve for us but I can't explain exactly why - I would consider trying the steps above. Sorry I can't be any more help.

I have the same issue, i can't find Office Update Center


the Office Upload Center has been removed and the feature is now integrated in the specific apps e.g. Excel. You´ll find it under "Files needing attention" when you click File > Open and then you will see the button with an exclamation mark. See screenshot attached.


If there isn´t such button, try one of the other steps described above.


Also try deleting the cache through the GUI of the specific app:

File > Options > Save > Cache Settings > "Delete cached files" Button


@Lclift61 - is autosave turned on for the users having problems? This was my issue, a very quick fix for my problem

@Micke66666 - I can't actually recall now how we resolved this but the issue hasn't occurred for a good long while now - thanks anyway though! 

I figured that this was resolved by now, but for future users having the same issue if they can find this thread then maybe it will help them :)